​​Hit the chance,see how far could it be 

”Chances” 2020


silent film, performance, desktop game

video classification: ⅡA(China) / G (America)

Genre: Experimental film

Director: Feng Jia Zhen 

Script: Feng Jia Zhen 

Runtime: 05'46 minutes


A monochrome silent film based on the desktop game Monopoly story, which tells how different players played their game in the opposite. 

There is no reasonable logic in this film, due to it's mainly focused on the body language and dialogue of two sides.


<Chances> is mostly constructed by languages and performances, in order to emphasis the current news, historical events, social movements which are hidden by the lines. It has an open ending.

The ending without victory or defeat is what this story mean to be. Director Feng Inspired by the latest things that happened in the year 2019,2020.

It also comes with the idea of a reflection of this real-world. Director believes strategy game such as monopoly had many ways to achieve victory, but life is not like the game. The real world is not the “Zero-sum game”, to ordinary people


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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"This world's system is never equal, but it doesn't mean we should give up on fixing it"

Early in this year 2020, me with three of my mates had a discussion on our artworks. we've never thought about this big scale of the topic still we dive into our works and dug the motivations behind.

To our surprise, four phrases are going to be applied so precisely to the scenario which going to happen next.



"lack of control"


Four of those words are bringing to an optimistic conclusion of this whole situation, which is, we are people, need a chance to change our fate, need a chance to re-take the responsibility, need a chance to dissolve problems and confliction in all aspect between, and finally, need a chance to reevaluate the world and control.

And they are all work for our artworks as well.

Each of us had very different opinions among those common senses. But we always can trace what is behind in there of our artworks. So these differences made us the choice of present this research video in a different way, I and Fiona decided to talk to each other face to face, right to left,  artworks and motivation behind are always being mentioned in the first place, and that point, a new and full plan of degree show came into my brain, the theme of its current time.

Script draft (Mandarin&English)


L: left side R: right side

Blue script: scene description&hints

Red-letter: meaning behind dialogues

ACT.1  Overhead angled 俯视镜头 

Two sides enter from left&right (breathing sound) 双方从左右分别进场,(有呼吸声)


L: Who rolls our fate first? You, or me?

R: Let’s be fair, rock paper scissors

fate: dice 



rock paper scissors game, actors waving arms, cut the result of who had won scene 剪刀石头布,做出挥臂动作,剪掉输赢结果的镜头



L: first time playing this game,its...

R: trying to interrupt抢话

 I have been playing it a lot, just try! since you know its’s rules and instruction, let’s start.

L: ok, I’ll try, let’s see



ACT.2    Head-up angled仰视 镜头

the picture with upper body + game boards, focus on upper limbs+hands演员上半身+桌面游戏盘,焦点在躯干和手肘部分 


L: (dice roll扔骰子) it’s 6 on the united island, I’ll buy it,1000 to bank,your turn

R: (dice roll扔骰子) 9 on Ally countries, I'm buying it, 1000, I'm rich,why not?

united -island= United Kingdom英国

Ally countries= European union联盟国家=欧洲



————用手把骰子传给 真,手接住————


(扔骰子):3 on your ally countries,so I’ll pay you 100 fee to exit(给 对方100)(exit = brexit英国脱欧)


(扔骰子):double 4, 8 on the chance(,it’s says because of a "rebel for life" , pay 500 punishment fee to bank) (英国以及全世界游行 rebel for life protest)



(扔骰子):uh,double Again, hit the chance,let’s see


—————拿过 chance 卡牌——————

the policy shows,I’m allowed to have the second children in order to national construction,collect 100. The same number,one more 



(扔骰子):8 on (Go to jail), ok so I’m gonna follow the instruction, staying at the jail and wait for other players rolling the fate twice. (staying at jail, staying at home=  COVID-19,quarantine , the second children:ccp‘s birth control policy)


(扔骰子):double 5 , it’s 10 drive to (Oil Land)ok 100,buy it. Since you are in the quarantine time,I think I have two more rounds (quarantine time = 隔离时期, oil land=middle east 中东)


(扔骰子): 5 on (airline company),it’s cheap 100, I’m buying it


(扔骰子,炫耀的语气):10 on (dream land),ok now, I HAVE A DREAM!!!(炫耀拥有的财产), and I collected the colour set, watch out those the right sides,your are gonna pay to get through my territory (right sides = 右派 dreamland = 梦想之国=America ,I have a dream,= martin。。我有一个梦想,马丁路德金)


oh choke me,  I can‘t breathe,mama,(轻蔑的语气,扔骰子)。Finally I finished my jail quarantine time,let I restart my fate,6 on (the greatest country),wow,it’s expensive, buying it,2000 to the bank. (oh choke me,I can’t breath,mama,george Floyd 近期黑人被白人警察窒息而亡的案件, the greatest country = no country specificily,but refer to:maga不代指其他国家,留下猜想空间)




ACT.3 字幕提示,该游戏进行了很久


蓝方财产和土地 > 黄色一方 




静(快结束话语时扔骰子):guess god gives you a lot of luck, beginner in this game,but big cash in hands, almost all of the basements and lands are owned by you. (big cash = 大现金= us dollars, basements=基地=military basments,lands=美国买的岛屿)


i don’t know really,maybe I'm just lucky right,beside,i didn’t buy those factories,their all on your sides (facories= the world‘s factory工厂 ,on your side,= 暗指左派工厂,中国)


oh,your fate numbers show 5 (帮 静 走步),it’s a chance!


静(拿过卡牌):money grab! Take all 100 banknotes from the bank and throw them in the air! All players race to catch them. Keep what you catch and put any banknotes that land back in the bank.



How dare you? 挥舞手臂打掉黄方土地房屋

二:how dare you ? 挥舞手臂打掉蓝方土地财产

三:it’s my territory!拍桌子 怒吼

四:oh yeah? So what? I'm going to destroy it coz you don’t obey the rules

五:your greedy filthy animal!

两人互殴,到地上 游戏盘被毁,游戏终止


(how dare you,Greta瑞典环保公主名言)



ACT.4  移动镜头,近距离拍摄游戏盘,以及财产,特写镜头 《chance,money grab!》。 



At the first place, it was difficult, to catch up with the news that happened every day, because it's seemed like there are always the "Breaking News" and big"headlines" from the press.

Being through nearly 3-4months quarantine, the problems and clash of class emerged from the deep inside of each national system and society. New about Black and white, money, world, etc.  

To discuss the race problem, I draw the dices of equality picture, just to alert that what kind of  "Equality" said from hypocrite is wrong, and the hint that given by them are so obvious, sometimes it feels like the world is just the Monopoly game of those big brotherhoods.

It is so much information needs to be known, so I choose the type of film as for carrying on such a big topic and fulfilled information.

After all, "Chances' are going to be placed not only South London gallery but also most of the platform in order to present my ideology to this digital era.

The Race, Geopolitics, Human rights, and Inviromate circumstances are the initial tasks I want to clarify in this work. In order to bring this artwork to the general understanding, and the recognization of more people, so it comes to the consideration of "place" and"space", the display desk and the items surrounding must be suitable for its atmosphere:

Overview of installation ‘Chances’

including one hanging screen,one desk,a ladder,four flags

screen:60cm x 100cm/ desk 50cm x 50cm x 200 cm/ ladder 75cm x 50cm / flags: 3cm~10cm x 170cm(small) / 3cm~10cm x 180m(large)

overview frontsight
right/left sight
head sight

How does the exhibition works & budget


Online exhibition: Online media operations platforms, youtube, Instagram, and at your own expense on artist recommendation platforms 


Budget: monopoly, 30 pounds, filming costs 1000RMB (about 120 pounds), storage disk, 7 pounds, platform advertising fee 2000RMB (230 pounds), other items depending on the actual situation.


South London Gallery

Requested materials: Film 'chances', white suspension display, a white microphone, a wooden white exhibition table and three floors, four white flags.


Screen with the film "chances" hanging on the wall, a white microphone placed on the special made wooden table, 40cm x 40cm x 160cm, with with the steps of the steps up to the table, four white white white Aside the table, each two on each side.


Transport issues: Given the COVID_19 outbreak and economic trends in 2020, transport costs are much more expensive than usual, and if there is a need for an actual exhibition in London, I will make wooden exhibition tables and ladders in London.


Budget: Display - 200 pounds


White microphone and stand - 20 pounds 


The podium of Oak Timber board x 8 - 400 pounds


White flags x 4 - 20 pounds


Transportation: up to 100 pounds


Fees for other time: 200 pounds


Total: 940 pounds